Friday, May 27, 2005

Live Update 9 and Frogloks

Live Update 9, delayed for one day, is here at long last! New or updated features include:
  • New instanced zone in Everfrost: the Forbidden Sepulcher. "A barbarian cult has invaded a tomb in Everfrost with the intention of raising their dark mistress."
  • New instanced zone in the Feerrott: the Cleansing of the Cove. "It appears lizardmen are searching near the Trembling Lagoon for lost treasure. The scaled ones have disturbed the bones of those sleeping for ages, and new, darker dangers now lurk in the lagoon!"
  • Level 45+ players have a bevy of new solo writs to complete.
  • The in-game music is now customizable! Instructions are available in the official update notes.
And the new content we have all been waiting for since launch (drum roll):
  • "It no longer appears to rain underwater."
Just kidding, of course. The real news in today's update is that the Frogloks are finally available to play. Qeynosians may speak to Frup at the Fountain of Valor in Castleview to begin the quest to unlock it for their own account.

Since Brungo, a very handsome Halfling, is a level fourteen predator, I was only able to complete the first step of the quest (titled "The Missing"). This was one of the most fun quests I have ever completed.

Frup told me to find his compatiot on the southern beaches of Antonica. He wasn't there, but I was able to track him to several objects scattered in and around Archer's Wood to find him at the Beaver Pond. An assassin had chased him down and stabbed him with a poisoned blade. I was supposed to escort him (a level 1 with one down arrow) to the nearest guard tower for a medic there to treat his wound. Unfortunately, he died of his injuries as I got near the tower, so I returned to Frup to give him the bad news.

The next step involves slaying a level 29 assassin, so needless to say I went down like, well, a one-shotted Halfling.

So far the highest level Froglok I've seen is a level 17 crusader. I must say, it's pretty disheartening to see one's character that one has only had a chance to play sporadically surpassed in less than a day by some level 50's alt. Oh well, that's life.