Monday, May 30, 2005

Frogloks Freed!

The Frogloks have been freed on Neriak server by twenty-three members of Ascendance, the same guild that first cured the plague.

A ghost Froglok appeared to them halfway through the Cazic-Thule instance and told them that the evil dragon Venekor was holding them captive. Geez, I thought Venekor had been killed by these guys for the Deception quest, though I may be wrong.

In addition to a twelve-hour buff and the title "Heroes of Kugup," the raid received ten master chests and six master spells during the event.

Several other guilds on other servers reported serious bugs in the event, including revival problems and "falling through the world." If Ascendance is the first guild to free the Frogloks because they tried it after the right patch, I think the others should have some compensation reflecting their less timely efforts.

Here is the video of the guild freeing the Froggies.