Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Froglok Menace

Yes, it is I, Brungo the Halfling. Today Frogloks have been sighted all over the known world. Their purpose? No one knows for sure.

Some have speculated, however. Most of my comrades in the UIA (Undersized Intelligence Agency) fear matters have just made a turn for the worse. Frogloks have been linked --by reliable sources within the Concordium-- to a series of seemingly unrelated events in Norrath's history.

Hasten Bootstrutter, the wizened gnome famed for his exploration of the various continents, imparted troubling information the day before he died to our young operative Brindo in the Baubbleshire. He said that he had been to the Feerrot sometime in his life. Hold on a second. I know what you're thinking: "This moronic conspiracy theorist can shove this load of **** up his *** and **** **** *** ************ **** or *** *****." The swamp-lovers have obviously indoctrinated you already, as they have the Queen and most of the Celestial Watch.

You see, the night after Bootstrutter (Bristlebane rest his soul) spilled his guts, he was killed at sea in the Shattering of Luclin. Yes! You heard me right! The Shattering!

The Frogloks' suspicious activities on the moon then and in the dread jungles of the Feerrot to this day could only have been for one purpose: the assassination of prominent figures in Qeynos society. There was a large amount of collateral damage from the Shattering, obviously, but it provided perfect cover for their disappearance and apparently coincidental materializing now. The Tae Ew are merely a front, and rumors of tortured Frogloks are just that: rumors to lure powerful adventurers into the mucus-coated webbed hands of the vicious amphibians. These beasts, responsible for the Shattering and the murder of many already in the jungle, will stop at nothing to render both Qeynos and Freeport defenseless, without their best fighters, vulnerable to attack.

So heed my warning and venture not into the depths of Cazic-Thule, or you will surely meet an awful fate.


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