Monday, May 23, 2005

E3 Wrap-Up

Not wanting to forget the Splitpaw Saga in all the hubbub surrounding the Desert of Flames, Gamespot has a short preview of the Splitpaw Saga. The plot of the Adventure Pack will center on the gnoll Splitpaw, the leader of a group of "secretive" gnolls in the caverns.

Some new information regarding the Desert of Flames from the Online Gaming Network (link not working as of this writing) and EQ2 Vault:
  • Players will have the ability to shimmy from rope to rope while hanging on, risking falling damage.
  • Players will have to leap from wall to wall and perform other feats of agility to complete some quests.
  • Lower level players will be able to travel to Maj'Dul and participate in arena fights.
  • The flying carpet is the Maj'dul version of a griffin.
  • Wizards flying over the city will handle street fights quickly and efficiently.
  • Some new animations, such as mounting a horse and consuming food and drink, will be added.
  • New voice-overs will be added specific to each race and gender. (i.e. "Heal me.")
  • IGN has some impressive screenshots on their page. The very colorful zone with the docks and twin cobra statues is the one that all players start in on this continent.
Come to Gaze was not impressed with anything at E3, but I think the writer has a bad case of sour grape syndrome. I'm sorry, but it seems obvious to me.

A new Vanguard movie from E3 has just been made available. I'm not sure how long this one will take to download, as the traffic on the site is pretty heavy right now.

A Note from the Mighty One-Eyed Manne, Kinge of the Lande of the Blinde: Yefterdaye's Predictione of the Apocalypfe was Not an Attempte to make a Polytical or Relygiouf ftatement in Anye Waye, Fhape, or Forme. That is Alle for Now. Thou Fhalt Not Rebelle, lest Ye be Ekfecuted by Fecuritye.