Tuesday, May 24, 2005


It appears that SOE is finally starting to take suggestions from posters to their forums. /Duel is the new way to have a consensual fight with another character. Please note that this has only been implemented on the Test Server so far.

Duels can take place anywhere: in a city, in a house, outdoors, or "in the deepest dungeon." I guess the guy writing the update notes decided to make his writing more exciting. Wow... deepest.

The forum posters are split pretty much straight down the middle on the issue of death penalties in PvP combat. One side says it takes away the fun of the fight, and another says it is necessary to prevent exploitation of the system.

Moorgard posted this on the forums, defending the decision to give experience debt to those who died in a duel.
If dueling were to have no penalties, people would exploit it as a free teleport out of bad spots.

Personally, I think in an MMO you should actively want to avoid dying, regardless of the situation. Just because dueling is there for fun doesn't mean there shouldn't be consequences to it. Risks without consequences aren't really risks at all.
I agree with him completely on this. The fact that there is an option to surrender means that (1) there isn't a risk involved, and (2) people can still do this for fun without others turning it into a free teleport.

The main PvP in Everquest II, of course, will be the arenas in the upcoming expansion pack.


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