Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Running Rogue and RP Events

By order of Antonia Bayle...

The guild Mark of Heroes is sponsoring what sounds like a very fun live event (or "adventure," as they call it), the Running Rogue. Information can be found here. You must capture the escaped traitor in the Antonican wilderness and relieve him of extremely valuable stolen goods.

Flames of Unity is hosting another, larger-scale event, which sounds like a scavenger hunt. You must gather components for a ritual that will raise the dead and reveal the location of a powerful relic. Sign up in-game by May 15th to participate.

Other events can be found in the server-specific forums (especially RP-preferred).

Both of these events are fairly original and are already garnering the praise of developers and moderators, most notably Blackguard. The more people that come to them, the better they'll be, and the more fun the game as a whole will be as this trend catches on.

Raid: King Zalak the Ancient

This video shows a full raid (24 persons) fighting King Zalak the Ancient, one of the new raid monsters introduced recently. He is an extremely tough group x4 encounter found in the Valley of Zarvonn. This video features a voiceover of the group chat at the time (very funny). Look for Michael Jackson the Dwarf dancing as he flees Zalak's wrath.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Station Exchange Poll is Live

A poll is appearing for those who log in on the live servers today. It looks like this.

In response to a few issues subscribers had with this system, Gallenite posted the following:
One account can definitely answer the same poll twice by logging on from two different computers -- We only keep your latest response, though. Previous responses are tossed.

Handy tip, actually - If you want to re-answer, you can delete "questionnaire.txt" out of your EQ2 directory and re-log in to give a different set of answers, and we'll use the ones you most recently gave.

You can also use the same thing to vote two or more accounts from the same computer.
Unfortunately, this won't prevent botters and the like from voting more than once, since they are logged onto different accounts on different computers anyway. We all know what their vote will be.

Video Games Top Movies, SFC Says

A sign of the times: the video game industry has eclipsed the movie industry at last. This from the San Francisco Chronicle:
The $10 billion video game industry, which generates more revenue than Hollywood, has never released so many highly anticipated blockbuster titles in a single season. It started in August with the game title Doom 3, followed by The Sims 2 in September, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in October, then Halo 2, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Half-Life 2 last month.

The industry set a milestone last month when Microsoft's Halo 2 -- a sequel to a futuristic game with an elaborate plot that pits humans against invading aliens -- surpassed Hollywood's opening-weekend movie box office record in just one day of sales. The software giant reported it had sold 2.38 million copies in the first 24 hours, translating to about $125 million in sales, surpassing Hollywood's biggest weekend opening, that of "Spider-Man" at $114 million.
I don't know the figures for EQ2, but it has to be small compared to Halo 2's opening day sales. Somewhere on EQ2 Players, it said that there were 350,000 separate subscriptions in March, which isn't that much. Still, it's good to know that H2 beat out "Spider-Man." God, that movie was awful.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Everquest's Quests

I haven't posted for a few days because this bleeping automatic posting system completely deleted my daily commentary. I'll have to make this brief; my lunch period is almost over.

One feature of this game I think is excellent is the questing. Earlier this week on EQ2 Players, SOE outlined some of the more interesting quests in the game, including the Draconic language quests which are the hardest, longest, and arguably the most fun quests currently in game.

Everquest 2 certainly lived up to its name. From the simple tasks given by NPCs within Qeynos and Freeport to the incredibly long and well--crafted heritage quests to GM-driven live events, quests in EQ2 offer a viable alternative to grinding levels away. No other MMO shares this characteristic.

Tomorrow I'll comment on the newest major additions to the game: adventure paths and the Norrathian Express.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Habemus Curam!

Erevan and a raid from his guild Lying in Wait finally cured the plague on Grobb server yesterday. Those afflicted by the disease reported a blinding flash of light that seemed to wipe all traces of it from their bodies when Erevan and company vanquished the evil apparently orchestrating the entire event.

Details are leaking out as to the exact method he employed. The original announcement on the forums didn't give specifics; read on to find out more. The third poster, Scrubbles, hints at what is required.
Figuring out what to do is the easy part, completing the last step is the hard part. You will need a guild who can take out one of the hardest targets in the game. Even harder now since the last couple of patches. Mobs are tethered so you can't kite adds or do any sort of shenanigans to win. You just have to battle it out hard, in one tiny area, if you leave this tiny area the whole encounter breaks.
Bewts's comments on the quest rewards:
Was more to it than just alchemy to the quest. It required Adventuring, Alchemy and Raiding... Kudos to the developers for a quest well worth the +12 Chemistry Erevan got from the reward... The hours spent clearing, for circumstantial item rewards, and a non master chest for the final fight was less than spectacular even though a +7 subjugation dagger was semi interesting.
Edit: Now we know who the raid mob is:
[from Kittypoo] Ultimately, someone must raid and kill T'Haen from Bloodlines (alchemist included in raid) for it to end.

[from Colin McLaren] T'Haen is the raid mob introduced with the Bloodlines chronicles. Everyone that wants to raid him has to finish a series of five quest in order to get access to his liar. Once your raid party is ready you have to fight your way through tons of triple arrow trash mobs that don't prove a serious threat and drop no loot but have tons of HP, took us twelve hours alone to reach T'Haen who is a very hard hitting level 54 groupx2 that kicked our asses really bad. Unless you are in a hardcore raiding guild that is able to kill targets like Vision of Vox or Venekor I don't recommend trying the zone.
Screenshots of the final raid can be found here.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Sunday Sum-Up

This is a weekly feature, published every Sunday, that lists notable events and commentary from the previous seven days.
  • The best thing since sliced bread, I Pwn3d Your Mom hits the web!
  • Station Exchange - official website, John Smedley's letter to the community, Moorgard's reassuring response, Smed's "dialogue"(?), a new message board, Mythic's well-placed criticism
  • Danked! - WoW forums thread now 38 pages long!
  • More Junk in the Elven Trunk - Butts fixed, among other things. I mean, who cares about earning status from epic encounters when your butt has suddenly gotten rounder?
That's it! Until Monday... you're pwned! Hahahaha...

Saturday, April 23, 2005

PvP Idea for EQII

I think that World of Warcraft's new battlegrounds idea is awesome. Is there any way something similar can be implemented in Everquest II? Maybe a few instanced zones for large guilds from each city to fight each other, quest, etc.

What struck me immediately as being a good idea for this zone was the setup of two opposing bases, though I think this should vary from zone to zone. For example, in one zone, a lighthouse off the coast of the Thundering Steppes is being threatened is being threatened by raiders from Freeport hoping to disrupt Qeynos' supply ships. Your guild has been chosen to defend the tower against an onslaught of Freeportians invading the island from ships on the beach.

Another zone could be a contested cave system with numerous veins of precious metals that both the Ironforge Exchange and the Coalition of Tradesfolk need for a new ship design (Ximix Wobblecog's famous submarine, perhaps?). Artisans could play a part in this one, say only artisans of a certain high level could mine the ore, then they would need protection while they crafted certain key components that the tradeskill factions needed. Once one side had successfully created all the components for their quest, they would win the game. Ore might only spawn in the maze-like tunnel network between two main bases that contained crafting stations, so careful planning, communication, and strategy would be necessary to win.

As for rewards, perhaps the guild could receive a combination of status and coin when they win. It would be tricky, though, because if some massive guild kept repeating the same zone, it would simply turn into a cash cow.

Please post comments and suggestions by using the link below. Click here for the EQII forums post, also by yours truly.

Station Exchange News: Change for the Better

Good news from everyone's favorite community manager, Moorgard:
Next week's polling will be used to determine how many new servers we need to start up at the service's launch. It will not be used to determine whether any existing servers should be converted. There will be no current live servers switched to the Station Exchange ruleset.

In his complete post, Moorgard acts like that was the plan all along, which we know isn't true. Nevertheless, this is a good change. Now all we have to do is get SOE to abolish the Exchange completely...

Friday, April 22, 2005

I Got /danked in 2005

One unfortunate person on the World of Warcraft forums inadvertently created a new word on Wednesday. That word is "to dank" (Urban Dictionary entry here). IPYM picked up on this today, Friday, on said forums. As of this writing, the thread is 35 pages long.

Danks posted a compliment to Blizzard praising them for their good work on the new PvP system. He then posted a second comment praising the original one. The catch: he forgot to switch alts for the second. He then endured 35 pages of ridicule, a dictionary entry in his honor, and three mentions of the slip-up in various blogs so far.

Edit: God, I love the internet. There are now two t-shirts on sale at Zazzle commemorating this event.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Norrath, prepare for pwnage. Wait a second...

Just how the heck does one pronounce "pwn?" I've always pronounce it "pone" or "pown," but HOW exactly is it pronounced? The only dictionaries that have it are online, and they don't have pronunciations. If someone knows, just post it in the comments. In the meantime, I will post a definitive one-word dictionary on this blog and hope that the lexicologists at Oxford notice it.